Concrete Impregnating Sealers

A1 Floor Strippers provide sealers for porous building materials including natural stone, brick pavers, tiles and concrete.

A1 Floor Strippers use concrete impregnating sealers from Hychem and Concrete Colour Systems.

From experience we have found these suppliers concrete sealers, penetrate much deeper and bond inside the pores of the treated material creating a substantial oil and water repellent barrier. Providing great stain protection as well as protecting the surface from serious common structural damage caused by liquids, including salt attack, efflorescence, picture framing.

These concrete impregnating sealers also inhibit the growth of moss and mould in the pores of the treated material. The penetrating nature of these sealers maintain a natural look and will not alter the colour of the surface.

For more information please download the
Concrete Colour Systems Stain Block Data Sheet


  • Repels water, oil and organic based stains
  • Produces a natural look finish
  • Provides a seamless finish no grout lines