Diamond Grinding

Diamond Grinding is an effective method to prepare a substrate, or the removal of an existing coating. Grinding the concrete creates a porous and clean surface which provides a good bond for a new floor adhesion. Diamond grinding will also level concrete, removing high spots, or cleaning up water or chemically damaged concrete.

Manufactures specify as part of their warranty for the substrate to be properly prepared for a new floor covering, overlay cement or an epoxy coating.

A1 Floor Strippers diamond grinding service provides a cost effective way of preparing your concrete to a standard that will meet manufactures requirements.

A1 Floor Strippers uses only the latest floor grinding equipment available. Specialising in high production large area grinding, we using dust extraction machines to eliminate airborne dust.

Whether you have a commercial or domestic job to do we have the knowledge to produce the right result every time.

Removal of:

  • Adhesives
  • Paint/Coatings
  • CoverCrete on Driveways and foot paths
  • Epoxys
  • Trowel and screed marks on concrete
  • Tile glues