Concrete Epoxy Floor Systems

Epoxies are polymer materials that begin life as liquids and are converted to a solid polymer by a chemical reaction. Epoxy systems contain resins and hardeners that react chemically when mixed together. This process once initiated forms a durable rigid plastic material that is irreversible. Concrete is the best base surface for epoxy floors although it can be laid over steel or wood.

Solvent based epoxy can be a medium solid, high solid or 100% solid epoxy thus giving degrees of durability, chemical resistance and economical choices.

A1 Floor Strippers use HYCHEM and DULUX professional coatings and the type of coating will depend on the circumstances.


For a common non-slip very durable and affordable epoxy used in retail food preparation and factories is  – Hychem SF20FG.

For more information please download the
HYCHEM SF20FG Data Sheet


  • Superior bond
  • durable
  • abrasion and mould resistant
  • low maintenance
  • provides a seamless finish no grout lines