Line Removal

When removing road lines it’s important to know what sort of condition you will leave the substrate in, as the finish produced, may not fit the requirements of the client.

A1 Floor Strippers use a variety of machinery to meet these needs. Sand blasting has been a popular way of removing lines but now is banned in many councils and states because of the environmental hazards and mess it creates.

A1 Floor Strippers uses the Schibeci polyplanner 300 which is ideal for the removal of line marking on asphalt and concrete surfaces. The unique cutting action reduces running costs and leaves an excellent finish. Ideal for removal of yellow & white lines, thermoplastic white lines, plastic & ceramic road reflectors.

VIDEO :: LINE REMOVAL – Schibeci Polyplanner 300

A1 Foor Strippers use:

  • Power Planers
  • Sarifiers
  • Shotblasters
  • Grinders